"Your Backend Marketing
Should Be a Profit
Generating Experience That
Makes Your Customer Happy
To Give You Their Money"

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Hi. I'm Dr. Charles Livingston aka "Dr Charles"

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I received my Doctorate of Chiropractic, graduating with honors, from the world-renowned Palmer College of Chiropractic. I studied a variety of healing techniques and have spent thousands of hours researching nutrition, exercise and weight loss.

I'm an adoring husband, loving father and faithful friend who's true passion is spreading the love of Jesus through my daily actions.
My belief is to lead by being the example.

I'm a best selling author whose #1 weight loss book, Fat Loss Factor, has taken the internet by storm in several countries around the world. We've successfully helped hundreds of thousands of clients and I'm very proud of that!

I am an entrepreneur at heart who owns Fit Body Carmel and Fit Body Zionsville, PerfectOrigins.com which is my Supplement Company and a coffee company called LifeboostCoffee.com.

While I love creating businesses, deep down I'm passionate about helping others solve their business problems which brings me to my next question...

Why would you hire me?

  • Sold over 50 Million online in the health and weight loss space
  • Had a #1 Clickbank Product and held for 2 years - Fat Loss Factor
  • Have spent last 9 years doing email marketing
  • Created multiple 6,7,8 figure businesses
  • Sold 60K a month on Amazon
  • Certified in all 9 of Digital Marketers Courses I've attached the certification symbols to use.
  • Spend 50K a year on masterminds/consultants (80K last year)
  • I've spent thousands of hours reading, learning, experimenting, and keeping up to date on best marketing/business practices.
  • I have a large network of people I can reach out to in order to solve any problem.
  • I've been in the trenches and in some businesses I still am in the trenches learning and perfecting the systems necessary to build, scale and sell a business.

In other words, I've been there, done that and most likely "know a guy" if for some reason I can't find an answer or solution.

Here's how I can help you

Double Your Revenue...

Having a business that is focused on getting people in the door is like having a 3 bedroom rental property that you RENT out while IGNORING the OIL WELL under the property.

Yes, you are getting a little rent every month, but you could be generating MASSIVE cash flow and wealth if you would just put an oil rig on the property.

My specialty is teaching you how to build that oil rig.

Depending on your business model, 30-80% of your revenue should be made from Returning customers.

Let me ask you a question.

I'm offering a 45 minute phone consultation where we brainstorm together and come up with an action plan to plug the holes in your business and double your customer return sales.

You will then have the option to do the system yourself, or I can do it for you and make sure it gets implemented properly. Ask yourself this question... what's the cost to acquire 1 customer? I promise you the cost to resell that customer is 10x less.

The difference between me and the other consultants out there is that I guarantee my results. And I only take on 2 clients at a time MAX. So you are getting undivided attention.

My Sweetspot?

Creating a backend profit generating experience that makes your customers happy.

Meaning, I'm really good at what to do once you get a new customer. From operations, to email marketing, to cross selling, to automation to customer service.

How you put those pieces in place will determine how long you keep a customer.

It's much easier and cheaper to keep a customer longer than it is to just keep getting new customers.

Who Should Not Do This...

  • If you do not have at least a 6 figure business
  • If you do not have cashflow to spend on marketing.
  • If you are bleeding cash, this is not for you. This is a different problem that needs to be addressed a different way.
  • If you are not someone who takes action
  • If you are looking for an easy way to make money
  • If you have a poor work ethic
  • If you see this as an expense and not an investment.
  • If you are the type of person who needs to speak so many times
  • per week on the phone, or have me be in constant contact with you, this isn't for you.

I'm results focused, not time focused. Now, this doesn't mean that we won't need to talk because we definitely will, but my time will be spent on your results. I'm more interested in achieving your goal than spending unnecessary time with you.

My Guarantee

YOU CAN'T LOSE. I'm giving you THE MOST POWERFUL GUARANTEE on the planet.

After our discovery session if I feel we are a great fit, then you and I will create the specific metrics and deadlines lines for your success . . .

You WILL achieve the objectives you have selected and succeed, GUARANTEED! Or I will give you your last month's fee back. Like I said previously, I'm results based and if you are paying me, I want to make sure that I deliver otherwise, it was a waste on your part.

How Can I Help You?

Do you have something you are struggling with? send me an email at
and we will set up a free 45 minute strategy session to see if we can get to the bottom of your problem.

If I think it's something I can help you with, I'll tell you that. If not, I'll tell you that too and refer you to someone who I think can help you.

In order to maintain focus, I only take 2 clients a month. In the event that I am full, you'll be put on a waiting list and emailed once I have a spot open up. Make sure that you sign up to my email list because I will always announce when a spot opens up!

Whew! I think that's it for now. Email me if you have any questions and I look forward to speaking with you!

I'd love to hear from you